music projects

Kendra Amalie

Kendra Amalie is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and new media artist combining technology and tradition to estimate the sound of modern folk. In her latest musical incarnation, she plays fingerstyle guitar on an acoustic/electric 12-string accompanied by motion controlled synths and visualization.

On tour in June 2019 with Ami Dang Poster by Randi Drozd


Experimental music recording project with assemblage of noise and jazz artists. First album released on FPE Records February, 2019.

11:11 music video of animated geometry made in TouchDesigner and Processing.

Virtual album release show March 5, 2019.

Names Divine

Long running experimental rock band influenced by folk and noise.

In the Shed

I love recording and mixing other people’s music. When a touring band I like comes through, I will sometimes ask if they’d like to record an improvisation or a few songs to share online.