This song is pretty low demo quality for metal but my soul needed to respond to the movement towards justice and equality and I wanted to help raise money. 100% of proceeds went to Leaders Igniting Transformation.

Experimental-fantasia artist Kendraplex (formerly known as Kendra Amalie) dropped a new track a few months back in the wake of Black Lives Matter marches across the globe. In black metal mode, Plex shares haunting yet blunt lyrics about every aspect of our sociopolitical system being a factor in racism, classism, bigotry, and fascism. Ultimately, she dooms Trump (“evil spirit”) and calls to vanquish his influence from society for good. Ending with a drone, this piece may be dark, but it’s a powerful ode to standing up together and taking back our power from grotesque leaders. All proceeds go toward Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT). We look forward to seeing what Kendraplex does next.

Breaking and Entering